Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Changing Clothes Like Seasons...

I have been so busy, with work, JDRF volunteer efforts, my kids, husband, diabetes, life...that I have totally neglected my blogs!

This blog is definitely a release for me, and a way to focus on simple yet joyful things, so let's start October with a post, shall we!?

I love fall! I love accessories, scarves, hats, sweaters, and I am obsessed with coats for sure! Stay tuned for that post soon...

So here is a outfit saying bye to summer, and welcoming fall. It is not trench coat weather, just yet but these cool 70s allow for jeans, as opposed to shorts, so let's start with a small transition, ok?

Summer love:
* I had some help with buying some of these items, so this outfit is more than my usual $20 total cost.

Biggie shirt: Buffalo Xchange $6
Jessica Simpson shorts: mommy group $2
Gold Aldo slip ons: Buffalo Xchange $15 (thanks to my sis for those!)
Gold & turquoise spiked necklace: Buffalo Xchange $11 (thanks mom!!)
Gold vintage purse : no clue, I stole from my moms closet.

Total outfit cost: $34

Fall breeze:

Skull shirt: Buffalo Xchange $11
Denim inc jeans: Christian Charity Thrift Shop $4 retails at $75!
Jessica Simpson wedges : Buffalo Xchange: swap $0

Total outfit cost $15

What's your favorite season and why?