Friday, July 26, 2013

Location. Location. Location.

Ok so today I want to talk briefly about some of my go to spots for cheap vintage, designer, non designer, fresh threads.

I am in Las Vegas but I am suremany of these stores are in your area. 

There are more than these of course, but these are my personal favorites, due to catalog, location, price and service.

Feel free to comment and share some of your favs as well!

Ok so Goodwill. I have one on the corner of my block. Seriously. I use them mostly for work clothes. I work in a professional environment & must cover my knees, shoulders & majority of my tattoos. I wouldn't wear such conservative clothes on a normal basis, so I rather not spend much on them. Every day this location has a different sale. Mondays is 99 cent Monday. They pick two color tags, and everything with those colors are just $1. YES! I have found skirts, slacks, blazers, trench coats & even mom jeans (I will explain in post at some point what I do with those).

See above. They have sales here and there, and I use them mostly for work clothes or shoes. Sometimes you'll ins some good vintage items that are funky and unique. Like Goodwill it's a store you need to really go through with patience and a fine tooth comb.

So I am new to Savers since we don't have one in NY. This is like your ultimate thrift shop. Everything from furniture, books, shoes to kids clothes. It's huge and has some great stuff! Prices are a bit more than say a Goodwill but the quality is great, as is the variety. They also have a member card which entitles you to discounts on given days, and if you donate a certain amount of clothes you can get a 25% off discount card. I have found some great items here as well.

This is my ultimate favorite store. For so many reasons. 1. They know me by name and I always feel like I'm shopping in a friends closet. Everyone is so inviting and upbeat. Variety. Wow. They have everything from no name one of a kind pieces to Louboutins. Of course you pay a bit more than Goodwill but the quality and condition is amazing. 2. Swap!! I bring clothes I no longer want or can wear and they pick what they like & give me a credit to be used towards their clothes. I have walked in with $2, and some old stuff I had and walked out with amazing shoes, accessories & a dress. Just like that. Definitely my #1 for reason #2.

Same idea as Buffalo, but hit or miss. A lot of Forever 21, Bebe, kind of clothes. Buffalo has way more vintage and unique pieces. Trend does have a great selection of shoes & sneakers, and aren't as picky as Buffalo for their consignment swap.

Mustang. Same as above. Very very small. But I have found some amazing stuff. It's hit or miss for sure, you never know what they'll have. Wonderful accessory display & reasonable prices. Also not too picky on swap. It's not a place I spend more than 20 minutes in since its so small. But worth checking out.

My last favorite that I didn't have a pic of is Christian Charity Thrift Shop. They have great sales and finds! I got hubby 5 pairs of black slacks for $5, and I got a Fossil blazer brand new for $2. Definitely worth checking out!

And one more of my secrets... Facebook mom groups! There are a ton in each city and state, for swapping and buying used clothes, kids and adults. Definitely one f my favs. And can do from my bed on my cell lol.

What are some of your favorite thrift or consignment places? Post below with city and state as well.

Happy shopping! 

Top: Goodwill NY 10th ave - $4
Jeans: Facebook mom swap group $2
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange: $1 + swap

Total outfit cost: $7


  1. Your new blog is a fun read. We love Savers and Buffalo Exchange when we go to the Phoenix area.

  2. oooh, we also do a clothing exchange at back to school time at our church. The idea is to bring in stuff that you, your kids, and hubby are getting rid of, throw it on a table, then shop other people's give away stuff.


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