Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thrifty Tuesdays Obligatory Post

This is a rush post, I won't lie. My mom comes in tomorrow, yay! Which means lots to do, and also means lots of shopping with her!

Anyhoooo, every Tuesday I will post an outfit, along with breakdown of price and where I got it.

Any questions, or things you'd like me to add to the post, just let me know.

In honor of my mom, here's a look from my trip back home in March.

Kangol hat: Loehmans 75% off my mom paid $10

Sweater coat : Catholic Thrift $3

Rolling Stones Tee: FB group, swap

Leggins were new for about $5 from Ross.

combat boots $7.50 Catholic Thrift 

Total outfit cost: $25.50 with hat which isn't actually mine.

Actual cost without hat: $15.50

Happy Thrifting 

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