Friday, August 30, 2013

A Family That Thrifts Together...

Ok so maybe thrifting and shopping consignment, started when we were broke & couldn't afford even $20 on something new.

But it stuck with us.

We still live check to check, and I quite frankly cannot afford nor want to spend $100 on an outfit for myself or for my kid.

Shopping with my boys is always a blast, and I love not worrying about breaking the bank. While the clothes are not new, but new to us, my boys look amazing, and are learning how to stretch a buck.

I think that's a win.

We found some great places for the boys such as Goodwill & Savers, so we stuck with those for school clothes as well.

Here's a breakdown of an outfit that each of my boys picked out and one of mommy, just cause.

Muppets hat: Goodwill $3
Spider-Man shirt (recognize it?) Goodwill $1
Red Nike sweats (not shown): Savers $4
Nike sneakers Black/Silver Savers (men's size) $16
TOTAL: $25

Fedora hat: Goodwill $2
DC tee: Savers $2
Jeans: Savers $3
Uptowns aka Air Force ones White: Savers $7
TOTAL: $14

Vintage blouse/dress: Buffalo Exchange $10
Black leggings: Ross (new) $3
Slice clutch: Buffalo Exchange $3
Shoes (not shown) gifted 

TOTAL: $16

Fashion doesn't have to break the bank, just break fashion barriers.

What will we buy next?

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