Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monochromatic GoodWill Chic

Sometimes I found something at Goodwill, or one of my other favorite thrift shops & I am not sure what I will do with it at the moment but I know I need it.

And as much as I am a sucker for crazy patterns, and funky colors, I really do love black and white. 

A black and white outfit with a smoky eye & some red lipstick is simple, yet edgy and a great way to try out different accessories as well.

I bought this little checkered dress cause I thought it was cute, unsure about the fit and length but the price was oh so right as you'll see below.

Anniversary with my hubby, and he liked this little number so it was a winner.

Earrings: local jewelry store outlet $1 

Black Mossimo Lycra tee:  Goodwill $3

Jumper checkered dress: Goodwill $1

Standard black leggings: Ross (new) $5

And of course my go to combat boots you saw before: Christian Charity $7.50

Total outfit cost: $17.50
(Leggings,tee, and boots are parts of many, many outfits I wear so definitely a double whammy). 

Bonus pic: 

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