Friday, August 16, 2013

Fashion Forward Friday Foolin'

I'm broke. I am, I live check to check, and have more important and necessary things to spend my money on. BUT I love fashion. I do. Sue me. I've been a fashion lover since I was 7, and had all the runway models in couture taped to my walls. Haute couture, vintage, Patricia Field's outrageous outfits, I loved it all. My mom exposed me to such things at a young age, and I carried it with me through my life.

Then I got lost. I conformed. I started wearing what I thought I should wear, what other girls my age were wearing, and what was deemed popular. 

It wasn't until my mid twenties that I found myself again. My love for funky prints, vintage tees and tacky broaches. 

I don't care if anyone likes it, as long as I feel fabulous in it. (Ok husband gets a say, but that's it).

So back to me being broke. How do I wear these funky threads when I only have $5 in my pocket to spend on my frivolous want? 

Goodwill. Yesssss sir.

This outfit below is one of my favorites, and one of my most daring, not approved by all, slammed by many, and snickered at by some.

I spent $2 on this funky find, but I felt like a million bucks in it. My husbands co worker, actually stopped me and was like "damn girl!  You're working that outfit!!", she's my new favorite server, of course ;).

The highwaisted shorts were actually mom jeans, I cut, bleached and frayed, myself and the shirt was a vintage button down, I tied up into a crop top.

A high bun, lotus flower pink lip gloss, and I was ready for date night.

So whatcha think?

Location: Goodwill
Shorts: purchased as jeans, and cut $1
Shirt: $1
Shoes: brand new wedge sneakers, birthday gift so no clue on price, sorry!

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